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3 August 2021 5  This is her CCTV - not sure who she is... 3871 09 September 2008 Police have the weapon - something happens at SeaWorld... 159 04 April 2005 A new creature is discovered in the ocean, tubes... Oct 2006 Payback 81 Years 5:47 Pm 814 267 9212 Car Hits Man Payback For 89 Race Relationship Hit And Run  - Oct 2006 pay... 3 August 2021 3  Stop thinking now... 3 August 2021 4 Look for this to show up in your life? Michael Vaughan Missing Boy From Fruitland Found In The Same Place He Went On July 3Rd Rso Canal 4 Rso By The Pool Arres... 3 August 2021 1 Upcoming SpaceX disaster... 3 August 2021 2 Tracy  Marrow is arrested for tax fraud, car shield CIA investigation?  Russian man from Ukraine, numbers... 985 01 January 2006  22 people burned... 2 August 2021 4  I need to use the bathroom... 230 05 May 2005  Something to do with powerlines.. 28 July 2021 3 Michael Vaughan Missing Boy From Fruitland Found In The Same Place He Went On July 3Rd Rso Canal 4 Rso By... Missing Woman Kandi Green Gonzalez Located She Told Him She Was Going To The Police There Is A Photo On The Other Phone ... 3108 05 May 2007  UK Fire starts here, Grenfell insurance fraud numbers... 3574 01 January 2008 Spin at 72 rpm  - relax mind... Sept 2005 I Will Show You Let The Church Heal Your Wounds Tell Dog  - Sept 2005 - I will show you - let the church heal ... 10 July 2021 4 Summer Wells Mother Arrested For Murder Police Have The Item Marks Show It Was Not An Accident Keeps Wash... 151 04 April 2005  Wind, 47... 4243 12 December 2009  666 Christian eruption - new chamber found - god is real... 

Turns out The Nature Lottery was actually The National Lottery and it from the UK - the UK Thunderball Lottery to be exact and all numbers hit a week after this dream from October 2nd 2020  Play album slideshow


The death of Eddie Van Halen dies on October 25th 2020 this dreams from just 24 hours earlier has been confirmed  Play album slideshow


This is important and it's totally free and harmless to try - print this dream drawing - fold it in half and place inside your pillowcase - forgot about it for one week - that's all - you will find out why - please share this too Brian  Play album slideshow


These two videos were made within hours of each other not the next day as Trumps tweet suggests - For all we know Trump may have passed away due to COVID  Play album slideshow


The death of Kellyanne Conway this dream from October 1st 2020 is a warning her and 13 other people - in the water - pending event  Play album slideshow


Donald Trump will die of a heart attack on December 25th 2020, not #COVID please see this dream from May 27th of 2020 it's very important - it can be prevented and will happen in the White House  Play album slideshow


Did Hope Hicks give Donald Trump the coronavirus? yes its conformed in a dream from May 27th, 2020 says Hope Charlotte Hicks makes a full recovery from Coronavirus she had sex with Donald Trump on AirForce 1 on the 30th of September (assuming this hear)  Play album slideshow


Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, killed in an accident - the smoke killed him - not fire - stand back stand by? PB Trump orders hit - civil wars starts November 10 23 M Americans die phone numbers (assuming 2020, search this site for more on this dream)  Play album slideshow


Russia hackers shut down the 911 system in the USA on September 28th 2020 - this dream from September 16th 2020 maybe related  Play album slideshow


Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale armed barricades self in Fort Lauderdale home, police called - this dream from September 17th 2020 may have just started  Play album slideshow


The Damaged Air Force II Takes Off To Andrews Air Force Base Two aircraft with similar appearance left Manchester-Boston Regional Airport after one had an engine repaired after a bird strike  Play album slideshow


This is the home address of QAnon Cavite Pig City this is the church that knows the truth and is spreading the message to the USA call +63464377339 Deep State is trying to make Trumps death an accident - heart attack related to Adderall overdose  Play album slideshow


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Another Texas lottery winner! 2 views today
Another Texas lottery winner! 2 views today
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Trump Starts A War With Iran To Get Out Of His First Debate With Joe Biden This Is Before Biden S Heart Attack This Drea...1 views today
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This Is The Home Address Of Qanon Cavite Pig City This Is The Church That Knows The Truth And Is Spreading The Message T...1 views today
13681 21 September 2020 7 - The Damaged Air Force Ii Takes Off To Andrews Air Force Base Two Aircraft With Similar Appe...1 views today
13649 17 September 2020 13 - 9 27 2020 Former Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Armed Barricades Self In Fort Lauderd...1 views today
9 27 2020 Former Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Armed Barricades Self In Fort Lauderdale Home Police Called This ...1 views today
13654 17 September 2020 15 - Russia Hackers Shut Down The 911 System In The Usa On September 28th 2020 - This Dream From...1 views today
13692 23 September 2020 4 - A Dream From September 23rd 2020 Says Proud Boys Stand Up Stand By - On September 29th 2020 ...1 views today
13112 27 May 2020 3 28129 - Did Hope Hicks Give Donald Trump The Coronavirus? Yes Its Conformed In A Dream From May 27t...1 views today
13112 27 May 2020 3 28129 - Donald Trump Will Die Of A Heart Attack On December 25th 2020, Not #COVID Please See This Dr...1 views today
13739 1 October 2020 12 - The Death Of Kellyanne Conway This Dream From October 1st 2020 Is A Warning Her And 13 Other P...1 views today
The Death Of Kellyanne Conway This Dream From October 1St 2020 Is A Warning Her And 13 Other People In The Water Pending...1 views today
These Two Videos Were Made Within Hours Of Each Other Not The Next Day As Trumps Tweet Suggests For All We Know Trump Ma...1 views today
These Two Videos Were Made Within Hours Of Each Other Not The Next Day As Trumps Tweet Suggests For All We Know Trump Ma...1 views today
These Two Videos Were Made Within Hours Of Each Other Not The Next Day As Trump S Tweet Suggests For All We Know Trump M...1 views today
13767 5 October 2020 3 - The Death Of Eddie Van Halen - He Dies On October 25th 2020 This Dreams From Just 24 Hours Earl...1 views today
The Death Of Eddie Van Halen Dies On October 25Th 2020 This Dreams From Just 24 Hours Earlier Has Been Confirmed 13767 5...1 views today
13750 2 October 2020 12 - Turns Out The Nature Lottery Was Actually The National Lottery And It From The Uk - The Uk Thu...1 views today
Turns Out The Nature Lottery Was Actually The National Lottery And It From The Uk The Uk Thunderball Lottery To Be Exact...1 views today
Orlando Police Say Jacquavius Smithknown As 9Lokknine Was The Intended Target Of A Shooting At Mall At Millenia On Octob...1 views today
13811 12 October 2020 7 28129 - 10-13-2020 Another Euromillions Lottery Winner - This Time It Happened Just One Later! L...1 views today
Twitter Goes Down On October 15Th 2020 This Dream From October 13Th 2020 Is Why And What Is Next - Twitter Goes Down On ...1 views today
13824 13 October 2020 8 - Twitter Goes Down On October 15th 2020 This Dream From October 13th 2020 Is Why And What Is Ne...1 views today
Well Almost This Dream From October 5Th 2020 Says Fives 5 21 52 53 58 3 Or 7 - Well Almost - This Dream From October 5th...1 views today
13773 5 October 2020 9 - Well Almost - This Dream From October 5th 2020 Says Fives 5 21 52 53 58 3 Or 7 Powerball Usa -...1 views today
This Dream From January 27Th 2019 Maybe Covid Related 202 974 3000 Who Virus Numbers And Symbols 12641 27 January 2020 3...1 views today
13852 17 October 2020 6 - A Dream From October 17th 2020 Says A Wave Reaches Canada And Washington In 37 Hours - Maybe A...1 views today
13895 22 October 2020 7 - Melania Trump Has A Body Double And This Is The Proof - A Dream From October 22nd 2020 Seems T...1 views today
Fake Melania Trump Proof Psychic - Melania Trump Has A Body Double And This Is The Proof - A Dream From October 22nd 202...1 views today
13894 22 October 2020 6 - This Dream From October 22nd 2020 Says Military Plane Crash During Donald Trump Florida Rally ...1 views today
His Dream From October 22Nd 2020 Says Military Plane Crash During Donald Trump Florida Rally See Last Weeks Dream As The...1 views today
October 25Th 2020 Another Canada 6 49 Winner I Think Not Sure Who Played This One Yet - October 25th 2020 Another Canada...1 views today
12675 3 February 2020 6 - The Death Of Michael Ojo On August 7 2020 Dream From February 3rd 2020...1 views today
13923 26 October 2020 9 - October 28 2020 Hundreds Stranded In The Cold Waiting For Buses In Chaotic Post-Trump Rally Sc...1 views today
October 28 2020 Hundreds Stranded In The Cold Waiting For Buses In Chaotic Post Trump Rally Scene Dram From 3 Days Earli...1 views today
13925 26 October 2020 11 - Three People Have Died in a Knife Attack at a Church in Nice France in What French President ...1 views today
Three People Have Died In A Knife Attack At A Church In Nice France In What French President Emmanuel Macron Said Was An...1 views today
Turns Out These Numbers Were For Canada 6 49 Lottery All But One Number Was Correct Dream From October 26Th Draw Was On ...1 views today
13933 27 October 2020 8 - This Dream From October 27th 2020 Maybe Relayed 5 Days France Lottery - Nine - 1322283550 ? 5...1 views today
13933 27 October 2020 8 - Lyon France - Man Arrested After Priest Shot at Church -greek Orthodox Priest Was Left With Li...1 views today
13934 27 October 2020 9 0 - Lyon - Hunting Rifle - Hunting Rifle - The Is A Sniper That'S Going To Shoot Religious ...1 views today
13925 26 October 2020 11 0 - Three People Have Died In A Knife Attack At A Church In Nice France In What French Presiden...1 views today
14032 11 November 2020 6 - Israel Lotto Winner Right On Time According To This Dream From The 11th Of November 2020 - T...1 views today
Israel Lotto Winner Right On Time According To This Dream From The 11Th Of November 2020 This Time It Was Only 3 Days La...1 views today
14075 21 November 2020 3 - From https://Briansprediction.Com/Thumbnails.Php?Album=2759 A Church Stabbing On November 2...1 views today
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Trump Murders Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Mahabadi This Event Happened On November 27Th The Dream Was On The 24Th Of The Same Yea...1 views today
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November 29Th 2020 These Dreams Are Related To Past And Upcoming Monolith Spottings Across The World December 21St 2020 ...1 views today
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